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Chad Wys Art

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Chad Wys is a conceptual artist and designer from Illinois.

His paintings are experiments in composition, color, and form. He uses a wide variety of media and often inharmonious color schemes.

His subjects are depicted in unusual colors, but their original context is typically preserved. ‘By retooling the object I intend to add new layers to the the original,’ he says.


The Amazing Connections Between the Inca and Egyptian Cultures 

"The ancient Egyptians (in Africa) and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas (in South America) evolved on opposite sides of the globe and were never in contact.

Yet, both cultures mysteriously possessed the same strikingly identical body of ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology and religion.

The Victorian era scholars, faced with this enigma, concluded that both cultures must have been children of the same Golden Age parent civilization, “Atlantis.”

Today, Egyptian/Inca parallels are not only being ignored by American and Western scholars, they’re being suppressed.

Many baffling and unsolved similarities link the ancient Egyptians and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas ― even though both cultures evolved on opposite sides of the planet, separated by oceans” Read More


I am a woman. I am a practicing attorney. I am the only woman in my office over the age of 35 who doesn’t color her hair. I have some gray, but not a lot yet, and I never seriously considered coloring my hair until this job. I don’t want to: it’s expensive and a pain in the ass to keep up. About a year ago, I was in court, and a female attorney walked in with curly, bobbed, naturally gray hair, and her mere act of publicly displaying her natural hair color seemed not just unusual but defiant. Meanwhile many men in my office and in the courts have gray hair, and I doubt anyone thinks twice about it.


Illustrator & Artist:

Celina de Guzman

a.)  "Timmy"

b.)  "Found Souls, Open Islands.”

c.)  Melancholia, What’s Your Rhythm?”

d.)  "Softly"


Artist & Sculptor:

Yulia Luchkina


Mixed Media on Plastic, Wood

Н-57 сm




Charlie Immer

"About Face"


Illustrations by Tatsuro Kiuchi. 


John William Godward, The Fruit Vendor, 1917


Logan Hagege, The American Southwest.

Paintings by Logan Hagege of the American Southwest that incorporate the lifestyles and history of the rugged landscape within dream-like scenes.  See more below!

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